Allergy Information

At Farmhouse Chocolates & Ice Cream, we are a soy-free, corn syrup-free, and GMO-free facility.

We do process  ingredients containing the following food allergens:



~Tree nuts

A bit about our process: We stringently adhere to best practices that limit cross contamination. For example, when pastuerizing or churning our ice cream base, we do so in a particular order. Our vegan sorbets are churned first, just after thorough machine sanitation, before any products containing dairy are churned. Then our ice creams without any nuts or chocolate are churned. Flavors containing nuts or chocolate (which is manufactured in facilities that handle tree nuts) are processed last. Moreover, between each flavor, the machine is sanitized, with a final, vigorously thorough sanitization at the end of each processing day.

We do not currently process any ingredients containing gluten or peanuts. This said, we are not a certified gluten-free or peanut-free facility. We may bring personal food containing gluten and/or peanuts into the facility and, though it is not consumed in the same areas as our products are crafted, untensils, plates, etc. touched by these allergens may be washed in the same sinks used to wash utensils and equipment used to create our chocolates, ice creams, and sorbets (although we wait to wash them after all utensils and equipment have been washed).

Moreover, we are chocolatiers, rather than chocolate makers. This means that we source exceptional chocolate and work with it, rather than processing from the bean. At this time, the 85% chocolate we use to make 3 different types of chocolate bars is processed in a facility that also processes gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts.

The 70% chocolate (which we use in most of our products: in the other 3 types of chocolate bars we make, in all of our truffles and caramels, and in all of our ice creams and/or sorbets containing chocolate) is manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, but comes rated with a fantastically low gluten content of 5 parts per million or less. We consider all of our 70% chocolate products, and all of our ice creams and sorbets, safe for the gluten intolerant. But for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we urge caution and due diligence. Moreover, while we have had many customers with tree nut allergies successfully enjoy our 70% chocolate products, we recognize this is a delicate issue and we do not purport to be nut-free.

If you have any other questions for us, we are very happy to answer them.