All orders will be processed in 1-3 business days (not including transit). FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING on orders of $75 or more within the U.S. Otherwise, warm weather flat rate shipping is just $12.50 (insulation, ice packs, labor, postage & gift wrapping included). Thank you!

Shipping & Handling




Shipping & Handling

We're proud to say that we offer the most competitive shipping rates for chocolate in Vermont (and we never charge for handling labor or shipping materials)! 

Most excitingly, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75, year-round! 

For all other orders, from October through April, our flat rate shipping is $10, and always includes gift wrapping, eco-friendly packing fill, and insulation.

May through September, our flat rate shipping is $12.00 anywhere in the US, and $25 for Canada or other US territories. This is still a fantastic deal.

This is how seriously we take getting your chocolate  to you in warm to hot weather:

~We wrap your chocolates with a note (a gift note from you, or a love note from us) with twine or ribbon. Because, like our chocolates, you are special.

~We then wrap that bundle of organic, fair trade, soy free dark chocolates in insulating bubble wrap, and wrap that in eco-friendly tissue paper. Special, remember?

~We choose a box that is slightly “too large” for what you have ordered, because filling negative space with packing materials around the chocolates helps maintain the insulated interior temperature.

~During warm weather, we line this box with more insulating material (this is not overkill, but insurance, we promise), and fill the bottom and sides around your insulated chocolates with biodegradable and/or completely up-cycled packing materials 

~During warm/hot weather, insert 1 or (many) more biodegradable ice packs, also wrapped in insulation to extend their efficacy and keep them from dampening the box or the chocolates.

~We tape up all the seams on the box (again, to maintain the internal temperature), and then (if your box contains ice packs), we stick your entire box in the freezer. Truly. This doesn't actually freeze the chocolate, but it does bring the temperature of the contents down enough to maintain the ice packs until shipment. Then we ship your chocolates via USPS Priority Mail, insured and tracked. (We may occasionally choose UPS Ground, as well.)

~Occasionally, we choose not to ship your order out right away, because we obsessively check the weather. If it’s 90 degrees at your house right now, but in a few days it will “only” be 80 degrees, we'll wait a few days, but we will contact you to let you know of the delay.

And this is how we do it. Carefully, conscientiously, and by happily covering the cost of the extra shipping weight and all those necessary extra materials...ensuring that your chocolate arrives in great shape for a fair price! 



If you're sending as a gift, you can add a personal message at checkout. Looking to do something a bit more special? We love custom requests and look to accommodate - give us a call or shoot us an email!